The United Way Beautologie Remove Former Human Trafficking Victims Tattoo Branding

Former sex trafficking victims are having the tattoos that once branded them as property removed for free by Beautologie Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center in Fresno through a new project called Traffick Stop, which is founded by United Way Fresno and Madera Counties. It is estimated that over 20 million children and adults worldwide (US included) are victims of human trafficking. Watch the video below for more:

St. Mathew’s Tavern Gives Way To Orlando Beer Garden

Over the past few years, the St. Matthew’s Tavern has seen a series of transformations. It was once called Paradise. Then it has morphed into Orlando Nights, and then finally settling for its current nomenclature. Located at 1300 N. Mills Avenue, it has also been given a number of facelifts recent times. This summer, the transformation continues in full gear.

But for the lovers of the place, there is nothing to fear as the St. Matthew’s Tavern is not going to be relocated. In fact, Matthew Fassl, the owner of the place, has grander plans in place. There is a plan for a massive expansion of the entire complex. After the expansion is fully done, users will be left with the Orlando Beer Gardens.

Fassl explains that when they started out, the idea of a beer garden was one of the first things in their mind. He also says that it now makes sense that the whole thing is now working according to plan. He notes that in other cities and nations, beer gardens are prime spots of attraction. For a city like Orlando, he felt that it was time it had its own befitting beer garden.

The Orlando Beer Gardens is designed in such a way that it will occupy the patio space that is at the back of the building. This idea came from the traditional German biergarten concept. For the renovation that will be in place, there will be an outdoor bar and a new fence. There will also be an enchanting addition of flowers like jasmine and hops vines.

But Fassl is not done yet. He says that the introduction of the Orlando Beer Gardens is just one of the few changes that are going to be made to the bar. Other additions will be full exterior stucco resurfacing of the tavern and even the sale of a special St. Matthew’s blend of brews. They are going to start that with two beers, a hop-based IPA and a mellow beer made from wheat. They intend to keep the brew idea as traditional as possible and source for materials locally. And even for materials that cannot be sourced in the immediate vicinity, they should at least be able to buy them from Central Florida. For the lovers of the pub, while all these renovations are going on, the place is still open seven days a week. Surely, brighter times lie ahead.