What is Ignite Orlando?

Ignite Orlando is a local event usually held during a weeknight that brings together artists, geeks, entrepreneurs, academics and others to network with a twist. This free event paid by sponsors and organized by volunteers has two major features that make it different.

5 Minute Presentations

Presentations run five minutes but you are only limited to 20 slides that automatically rotate every 15 seconds. The volunteer speakers are predetermined by the Ignite Orlando planning staff and come from submissions generated by this website. Presentations are collected from speakers before the night of the event and compiled by the Ignite Talk Coordinator (volunteer staff member).

Make Project Contest

A contest lasting 20 minutes where contestants are broken into small teams to compete as a team. The winning team will receive a prize. The contest will be announced the night of the event by the Make Project Coordinator.

History of Ignite

Ignite was started in Seattle in 2006 by Brady Forrest and Bre Pettis. Since then 100s of 5 minute talks have been given across the world. There are thriving Ignite communities in;

Ignite Baltimore, MD
Ignite Boston, ID
Ignite Boston, MA
Ignite Boulder, CO
Ignite Corvallis, OR
Ignite Denver, CO
Ignite New York, NY
Ignite Orlando, FL
Ignite Philadelphia, PA
Ignite Phoenix, AZ
Ignite Portland, OR
Ignite Seattle, WA